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The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School

Following Jesus, The Good Shepherd, in all we say and do.

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A message for you all...

Hello all,

We just wanted to reach out to you today to check you are doing okay. Mrs Robinson and I have had a chat this morning, and we are both well aware that there are dozens of posts on social media about home learning spaces, routines and timetables and we wanted to reassure you all; take your time to settle into our new daily life.

Give yourselves and the children time to adjust and don't put yourselves under too much pressure initially. The change for all of us is huge and we aren't going to get it right overnight.

I saw something this morning that struck a chord; In 2030 College Student: "In history class, we learned that the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020 was really bad. What was it like?"

Parent: "Well, everything was shut down in an attempt to kill the virus, Supermarkets were out of everything because people were hoarding as much as they could. We were scared for the economic failure of our country and for ourselves because we couldn't work. Don't you remember? You were 8.

College Student: "All I remember was the school closing and being home schooled. I remember doing scavenger hunts in our garden. I remember eating meals as a family for a change. I remember getting great sleep because I wasn't up late for homework or getting up early for school. I remember board games as a family. I remember watching Mass on the laptop. I remember us doing Joe Wicks' PE lessons every morning .Honestly, it was the happiest time of my childhood."

Each child and family is different. Give yourselves time and get it right for you. Focus on building great memories and helping your child deal with such change by allowing yourselves to grow into the situation.

Routines and work will come.

Happy settled children, make happy settled adults for the future.

Be kind to yourselves and do what you can; build a memorable time for your children and trust your instincts for your child. You know them best.

Be safe; be strong, be true to the needs of your family.


You've got this.

Warm blessings to you all.

Mrs Dodds and Mrs Robinson

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